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a hard fought, expensive, 19-month campaign. >> and maryland residents weigh in on a whole host of issues from gambling to same-sex marriage and make history in the process. good morning. thanks for getting up with us. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang for this morning after election night. this morning the long and hard fought presidential election is over with president barack obama voted into office for a second term. >> it is a decisive victory for the president, at least in the electoral college. take a look at the race. to 270 in terms of electoral votes, president obama wins with 303 over former massachusetts governor mitt romney's 200 electoral votes, this without florida, which is still considered too close to call with 97% of the precincts reporting, although president obama does have a narrow lead. >> the president picked up many battlegrounds states, including virginia, colorado, and the all important ohio. he declared victory to an ecstatic group of supporters in chicago. the president was joined on stage just like four years ago with the first lady and their two daugh
referendums, three different fights, one chance for marylanders to have their voices heard. good evening. welcome to the fox special report your voice, your future. for the next hour we'll take an in department look at the three major referendums facing maryland voters, we gathered a group of people from both sides of the issues and we will start with question four which would grant in-state tuition to the children of illegal immigrants. we are joined by delegate pat mcdonough behind the petition effort to put the law to a vote. and delegate sandy rosenberg a supporter of the maryland dream act. we're going to start though with the wording of the referendum. question four, establishes that individuals including undocumented immigrants are eligible to pay in-state tuition rates at community colleges in maryland provided the student meets certain conditions relating to attendance and graduation from a maryland high school, filing of income taxes, intent to apply for permanent residency and registration with a selective service system if required. make such students eligible to pay in state
. >> mellon is the first in the nation -- maryland is the first state in the nation to allow marriage by popular vote. it got 52% of the vote. it >> of sides are trying to sway voters. -- both sides were trying to sway voters. supporters rallied at an event on the streets of maryland. not everyone is happy with the outcome. >> marriage in maryland will conclude same-sex couples. if voters narrowly approved the controversial question 6. >> i think melic equality should be for everyone. >> overwhelming a motion for everyone. it was the first day to approve the issue through popular vote. >> this is a great opportunity. i am proud to be an american. >> earlier this year, the general assembly gave gay marriage a green light but opponents got enough signatures to put it to a vote. some church leaders fought back over it, but the voters have spoken, and maryland will become 1 of two new states to about same-sex couples to get a marriage license. >> i do not see why we should not have it. >> it is not my thing. >> four states taking up relations -- issues related to same-sex marriage. in min
states is still being decided at this very hour. >> maryland voters have been deciding crucial state wide ballot issues. >> good evening, everyone. welcome to our special election coverage. karzai has been quite high in many parts of the country and many people injured long waits at various polling places. boaters are delivering their election day verdict and here is a look at how things stand right now with the presidential race. as you can see is still neck and neck. mitt romney with 50% of the vote and barack obama with 48%. maryland voters once again supported barack obama. he easily picked up the state's 10 electoral votes. >> we just checked in with the obama campaign and a spokesman says with mitt romney losses in pennsylvania and new hampshire and a deficit in ohio, we are hearing a lot of confidence from the obama campaign right now. we are keeping a close watch on those key battleground states. virginia, ohio, and florida, where voters are still standing in line at the polls after the polls closed. thousands of people filing in, just waiting to hear more results. >> i am nikole
was on the way to one of those areas of new jersey tonight thanks to a convoy of maryland state troopers. >> 11 troopers from across maryland just arrived in the seaside heights of new jersey. 25 maryland troopers held in new jersey police get some sense of normalcy back to that region -- helping jersey police get some sense of normalcy back to that region. >> they are used in answering calls to help with this time they are headed north to abortion -- ocean county, new jersey, to help there to repair a shore in shambles. >> seeing the deception on tv helps prepare a bit but until you -- seeing the destruction on tv help prepare a bit until you see it in real life, it does not prepare you. >> we are supplementing the mill will police departments. -- the local police departments. >> they will have police powers and is as with anything but after patrolling to property recovery to helping utility companies turn our back on. >> food and toiletries and diapers. >> it is another example sense sandy of maryland pitching in. is good samaritans from howard county are attempting to fill this topic and it
are, around the area. no major incidents in the district virginia, or maryland. on the beltway, looking at construction crews -- often the distance past 193 toward new hampshire avenue -- and overnight project. light volume. same story with the outer loop. on a 95, george washington parkway, not seeing any delays. virginia beltway -- roadwork does continue, to be cleared by 5:00 a.m. >> voters let their voices be heard and decided to keep president obama in office for four more years. >> he surpassed mitt romney went came during the 270 lector all votes needed. our coverage begins -- electoral votes needed. our coverage begins in chicago. >> e eventually last night they got the celebration they wanted here at obama headquarters in chicago. thousands of volunteers and supporters cheered the president on. it was a grass-roots effort to get out the vote. into monday evening -- they waited. the president thanked them for that effort, saying it was their enthusiasm that brought him to the top. >> whether you voted for the very first time or waited in line for a very long time by th
ive ellccion night coveragelets et right to the ns numbershere's a look at he maryland was decided almost as soon as the polls closed... here are the nnmbers in this state the popular vote is one tting...but to win... you need toowin the electoral college. here's where the map stands right now since... this... is... such a lose race../.polls ... in....some states ... a winner... as not... - bben declared. thht willlplay a keyyrole in deciding who will win the white ouse.ww're talking about ohio...which closed at 7- 30 this evvningfloridd... which closed at 8 this eveeing......virginia all with &plarge amounts of electoraa votes...which will decide this racethe margin in florida is razoo thin right's an explanation from our sister station... w-p-eec in west palm beach florida.. to realll late if you cast your vvte ttday, line.voters showed up early tt this polling site in ccckeysville ... some waiting leaving. the clloe race and hot button baallo quustions made for long lines round the state .... evennwith a record more than 400 thousandd it
>>> you're watching the staigs that works -- station that works for you, now, good morning maryland. >>> and when i earn your vote or not, i have listened to you and i have learned from you and you have made me a better president. >> after campaigning for more than a year president obama wins the ultimate prize four more years in office now time to improve your history. >> same sex couples can marry in our state. >> we are at m and t bank stadium when democrats celebrated a recap of the best ticket in time when all elections were final coming up on this wednesday november 7th good morning maryland i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. we have you covered from the national to local events. >> time for a check of the forecast. it could be changing out there. let's check in with lynette. >> yes it's changing. we can see on maryland's most powerful radar seeing wet weather move in across the area. we look across the eastern shore right now and look at the pinks. so as you step out the door across the area a wintery mix that's the scenario continuing throughout the day and a switc
>> four more years for president obama. we will hear from both campaigns. marylanders >> making a clean sweep -- >> marylanders make it a clean sweep. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 6:00 a.m. >> good morning. i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> it would not be a nice day. >> it will feel like winter. there will be a cold rain and maybe some snow. the roads will be ok. the temperatures are above freezing. most of the activity is south of baltimore. it is moving north. the temperatures are cold enough in.some snow to makeix rain or snow showers. minor accumulations, mostly on the grass. it should stay dry out and western maryland. we'll talk more in a couple of minutes. >> good morning. volume is starting to build around the area. a nice start on most of the major roadways. we have reports of an accident which could have some lanes closed. all lanes are clos
.c. and maryland, voters are waiting for hours to be part of this election. some precincts are slowed by machine problems. others are hoping with huge turnouts. more on the vote here's are determined to cast their ballots. >> reporter: we're live in eleanor roosevelt high school in green belt. one of the many voting places. the people you see behind me are mostly handing out campaign literature. there are no lines. that was not the case earlier. there were lines and equipment malfunctions but people did not give up. in prince george's county, some residents waited in line for hours to vote. >> we first got in. half the machines were not and they didn't have enough cards for everybody. >> reporter: some of the wait was because of the large number of people turning out to cast their ballots in the morning. voters told us, when the computers went down, that made the delays and confusion even worse. >> some of the machines were broken down. they lost half the machines. >> reporter: then there were inconveniences for seniors and the disabled. some waited outside because they did not know they could w
and pennsylvania tomorrow for one last push on election day. >> aside from electing a president, maryland voters will also have to decide on seven ballot referendum questions, among them, question 6, which decides whether to uphold a new state law legalizing same-sex marriage. some oppose the ballot question, seeing it as a marriage -- and has a moral issue. >> we have to remove the discrimination in our society. >> churches are protecting from forming any question that violates their faith. maryland would be the first country to approve a marriage at the polls. the question also appears at the ballot in three other states. there is also a question of expanding gambling in the state. >> if questions 7 bills tomorrow, we will respect the people's voice and go home. we will not invest $800 million. we will not employ those people. we will respectfully it leave the state. >> if it passes, cable games like blackjack and poker would be played in all maryland casinos. the question also lets voters decide on a sixth casino in prince george's county. opponents -- supporters say it would add money to the
. ------------------------------------------------ -------------- a nor'easter moves through maryland. when it will be at its worst... tte parts oo the state that wwll get hit hardest... and how much snow we'll gee by thh time it's over. --------------------------------------------------- ----------------- and... how much caffeine is really in thoseeenergy drinks? we put ttem to thh test.. which & ones are strongest.... and howw muchhcaffeine yoo can safely takeein eeery day. former... baltimore mayor... sheila dixon...was... office.../ aater.... being accused ...of... steallng gift cards...//- ...that... were supposed... tt go... to the poor. poor.she mmdd a lea deal... &p...and was supposee to make -3 payments to, she's accused of falling wwy behind..- behind. kathleen... cairns... spoke with dixon... - today...//,...about... áwhyy... she's having a... significant ension pension 3 (((kathleen on set))) the & forrer ayor says shee' fallee on tough economic timee. however, she ssys she does plan on paying off the money in fu
in virginia, the district or maryland. a look at some of the problems that slowed down voting. >> reporter: they've handled here at roosevelt high school. these are people here handing out campaign materials. there are no lines, no problems that we're hearing about right now. earlier this morning, it was a very different story. in prince george's county, some residents waited in line for hours to vote. for shirley, it was three and a half hours. >> we didn't know what was going on. and after about an hour, hour and a half, some of the members. >> reporter: some of the wait was because people turned out to cast their ballots in the morning. but voters said when the computers went down, that made the delays and confusion even worse. >> some of the machines were broke down. they lost actually half the machines. the lines were disorganized. it was tough. we've got i done. >> reporter: then there were inconveniences for seniors and the disabled. some waited outside because they didn't know they could wait insi. many like berth a who uses walker had a long wait as well. >> about an hour and a ha
to convince marylanders what is good enough for west virginia is not good enough for maryland. >> the passage of question 7 transform maryland into one of the most saturated markets in the west there will be three casinos between baltimore and d.c. caesars in baltimore city, anne arundel county, and mgm and national harbour. the latest revenue figures from the casinos feels concerns about the level of concentration. proceeds are down 30%. hollywood casino experienced a decline. revenues went down 13.5% of the past four months. not addressing the decline specifically, the county executives say the state is still making money. >> the fact we have a deficit that we can start to address any meaningful way. >> we heard from three operators today. they say their team is already at work. caesars say they plan to hire 500 people. maryland and live is looking forward to enhance in gaining -- enhancing gaming. question 6, and other ballot measure, also passed. team coverage continues with kim with reaction to voter approval of same-sex marriage. >> as you know, same-sex marriage was passed in the gener
can do. maryland was very lucky this week. there is no doubt about that. >> cleanup has begun a long pitcher's east shore, but what do you do about this? is brand-new, carved out as the storm ripped through the barrier island on monday night. the house is now flattened or moved or stuck. >> i don't know where the house came from. the bridge of his peers were used to join the main road. the houses were someplace else for monday night. there are those who were moved there. >> it is phenomenal. this is what the town looked like before monday. now it is gone. and tune has been pushed into the homes and streets. all along is destruction. house is piled onto one another and others burned to the ground. in seaside heights, both amusement peers are gone. this is what it used to look like and now. right below us. my family was lucky. the house has been in the family for more than 50 years and appears to be ok. the damage is minor, but house is standing and in the same spot where it is supposed to be, which is what our greatest concern was. that might have gotten moved because it's on an older
to the polls. >> we will break them down for you this morning on good morning maryland in the 5:00 hour that begins right now. >> you're watching the stays that -- station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> it's almost 5 a.m. and the first results of the presidential election are already in. we will tell you how the voters in two new hampshire towns are leaning which could be a sign of things to come for the president. >> it could be a landmark day for maryland voters the we will hear from both sides regarding question six and same sex marriage in the state. >> and how will the candidates handle election day and we will tell you which ones are watching from the home state and the other remains on the campaign trail on this tuesday, november 6th. it's election day. and good morning maryland. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. before you head to the polls you want to know how to dress especially if you have to wait in line. >> lynette is standing by with a check of the forecast. >> we are picking up where we left off with freeze warnings in
to serve maryland in the federal governor. >> brian kuebler spent the night with the state's republicans. >> reporter: the voters of district one put andy harris in office for a second straight term in the u.s. house of representatives. in the speech he says the nation faces serious challenges and that he has confident to take on those challenges. he believes in american greatness and he says he will not apologize for it. our government he added can't work if only half the legislature is doing its job. laying blame on the gridlock of the last two years on the democratically controlled senate. let's listen to what else he had to say shortly after his speech this evening. >> we have to keep our eyes poe cussed on the problems -- focused on the problems of the country. >> reporter: you are pushing towards 2014. >> absolutely. we have had huge fiscal problem in this state and the republican party will have to step forward and identify itself as party to trust to solve fiscal problem and we will see how it plays out. >> reporter: and as you heard there congressman harris will push towards 201
of western maryland and into west virginia. in the dark blue areas, the 20s. it's in the 20s most of maryland, most of virginia, and the eastern shore. except right near the bay waters and the tidal potomac where temperatures are in the mid-30s right in the waters. it's going to stay cold this morning by 6:00 a.m. temperatures still in the 20s. and then by noontime by the lunch hour, we'll be in the mid-40s. sunrise in the 20s to 30s. by sunset at 5:02 we'll be down into the low 40s. i'll return in ten minutes with a hometown forecast. your first 4 traffic this tuesday morning. good morning, danella. >> good morning, tom. >>> still getting information on the accident along prince william parkway at balls ford roadblocking the intersection. it is involving a tractor-trailer. for now you cannot get past that intersection. avoid it if possible. check things out on i-66 if this is your commute this morning. not bad at all. outside clear as well. here's a live look at glebe. no issues to report. if you're taking the rails, i'm check them. so far they're running with no reported delays. eun, back o
and we do go off the cliff, maryland would hit the ground harder than many other states. >> the question is, why? a closer look at the potential impact. >> maryland has strong financial ties to the federal government. if washington cannot cut this deal, experts say maryland will quickly be in a recession. as politicians state their positions on how to avoid a fiscal cliff -- >> i am not going as students and seniors and middle-class families to pay down the entire deficit. >> the problem with raising tax rates on the wealthiest americans is that more than half of them are small business owners. >> maryland is most likely positioned for a financial fall. if washington must slash spending, government jobs could go down with it. nearly 6% of the state's work force are federal employees. well above the national average of 2%. maryland houses many major government institutions like fort meade, the naval academy, nih, adn the nsa. all would take drastic funding cuts. >> we are one of the most defense-intensive states in the country. maryland is in the cross hairs of the fiscal cliff. >> anothe
maryland. >> the election day is finally here. president obama and governor romney spent the last few months trying to persuade voters and now the choice is yours. >> question 4, 6 and question 7 all major initiatives on your ballot. you know what they mean? we will have a report explaining every thing you need to know before heading to the polls. >> the polls opened and closed in one new hampshire town. we will tell you which candidate is winning the race as of now on this tuesday november 6th it's election day good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. now a end to the ads you are probably tired of seeing and we will let you know everything you need to know as far as the election but you need to know what to prepare for as you go out the door. >> go out to the polls. lynette charles is standing by with a check of the forecast. >> more of the same where we dropped off yesterday. it's cold outside. look at temperatures. 33 degrees in glen burnie. ijamsville at 24 degrees this morning. we are in the 20s so because of this, we are dealing with the freeze warning once agai
commandeered tonight but maryland's top democrat. there continues 13 coverage at m&t bank stadium. what is going on there? >> right now they are literally preceding the ovens for the celebration. we can expect a lot of big wigs here. we are expecting podium speeches at around 9:15 tonight and celebrations, because none of the races for the democrats are exceptionally tight. they are keeping an eye on the president returns from virginia. those polls close first in the nation, and then from pennsylvania. they will also be keeping an eye on ballot questions which are very interesting and have brought a lot of voters to the polls. many are watching to see how maryland votes. they will be keeping an eye on the race for roscoe bartlett seat. they say he is expected to be unseated tonight, which would be huge, by someone who is running for the very first time. that is the big news from democratic party headquarters. right now they are getting ready for celebrations starting at about 9:15 tonight. >> the presidential election is not the only topic on the minds of maryland voters. they are being
are hours away from election day. here in maryland we have a lot more than a presidential candidate to choose. >> mereds are facing several controversial ballot questions, including question six to decide whether same sex couples will be able to get civil marriage licenses. governor o'malley is very outspoken about his support for marriage equality. >> the bill that's before the voters on referendum question section protects religious freedom and every child's home under the law. it's called justice. it's called fairness. >> now if marylanders vote in favor of question six we would become the seventh state in addition to washington, d.c. to approve seam seam. >>> the maryland marriage alliance is holding a prayer rally tonight at rock city church encouraging people to vote against question six. it starts at 6 and goes until 6 a.m. as people head out to the polls. >>> and the ads, which are impossible to escape will finally come to an end tomorrow night as you will weigh in on ballot question number seven. supporters argue it would raise much needed funds for public education. oppone
to see what both men had to say. >> maryland makes history becoming one the first states to legalize same sex marriage. how voters turned out in support of question 6. >> and get ready to double down table games coming to maryland after voters approved question 7. we will tell you what that means on this wednesday november 7th. good morning maryland i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. we have you covered as far as the election if you went to bed and woke up wondering how things shaped up we have you covered. >> also got you covered on the weather side lynette standing by with news you need to know about as you make your way out of the door. >> reporter: lots going on this morning. and we have been talking about the nor'easter and it's pretty much here bringing rain across the area a wintery mix a little earlier that rain snow mix will continue as we head throughout the day. and we can see mainly rain now along the eastern shore and this is going to slide up toward the north as we go throughout the day and also in the afternoon. we will see snow across the area as well. so with th
in spite of hurriccne advantage offearly voting this . pear. more than 430-thousann maryland voters cast ballots by the time the polls closed friday night.that's almost twice tte number compared to the governor's electionnin 20-10. sooe lawmakers say they wwll push tt keep polls open eeen longer for early voting in the future. they say they want to see wait time reduced to 15 minutes or lees. there were 46 early vvting locations in maryland. with election day just 2 days away, supportees of the maryland dream acttare doing ben cardin along ith nator 2-hundree teachees, students and parents rallied ii east baltimoreefor question 4.... which would allow in-state tuition for illegal immigrantt. they think question 4 should be passed. "the children that ould be qualified to receive instate who've grown up in maryland grrduated from a maryland high school who will then have to college hose parents would have to have paid taxessand then if they get into a marylaad school they would receive insttte tuition buu this is not a handout this is not aagim-me to anyone." anyone."critics of the dre
and a sixth casino in maryland will help pay for first responder needs. the supporters of the plan say it will generate several thousand jobs and put money in state education coiffures. the critics say there are no guarantees that the money will be used for education and less than half of the revenue is sleighted for education in the first place. >>> with less than one week to go until the elect, do you know where president obama and mitt romney stand on the issues? passing a new healthcare law is seen as the president's signature domestic accomplishment in his first term andy what what he said he will build on in his second. mitt romney has other plans. jennifer davis has a closer look at where the candidates stand on healthcare. >> reporter: it was a first- term victory for president obama in june when the supreme court upheld most parts of the overhaul signed into law in 2010. >> allowing 2.5 million young people to stay on their parent's health insurance plan was the right thing to do. >> cutting prescription drug costs for seniors, right thing to do. we're not going back to the da
's new senator. >> now is the hard work. it's time for all of us to come together. >> in maryland, casino supporters celebrating a big victory this morning. >> good morning and welcome to news 4 midday. i'm keith russell. >> i'm barbara harrison. it's wednesday, november 7th, 2012. we begin with morning with the latest post election headlines. fresh off the big win, president obama celebrating his victory. the president and the rest of the first family head back to d.c. this afternoon. tim kaine defeated george allen in the senate race. he will discuss the win in richmond at noon. maryland voters passed all three ballot measures allowing the expansion of gamble, same-sex marriage and undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition. we'll have more on the election results. first, the latest on a storm headed in our direction. >> at this hour, rain has not started to fall in the metro area. that will change. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here with the forecast. >> a lot of clouds. there's capitol hill. looking at storm team 4 radar, we don't have anything falling. there's heavy
into northern delaware and northeastern maryland, jersey, yeah there could be problems with heavier snows up there way. our day planner for you on this wednesday morning, it is cloudy and cold to start. even by midday later this morning we may see some light sprinkles developing. but a rain/snow mix to finish out the way a breezy to windy with a 5:00 p.m. temperature falling down to 37 from the midday high of 43. this morning, it is in the 30s and low 40s. we're now 41. la plata 38 and leesburg 36 with 43 and a couple of sprinkles already at the patuxent river naval air station. you can see the low pressure off the north carolina and virginia cape there and the coast where the moisture is being thrown back. what's happening here across central virginia, not reaching the ground yet. except for richmond a couple of sprinkles. a lot of that the air is just too dry. the highs today look at that. generally in the low 40s falling into the 30s afternoon. here's monika with timesaver traffic. >>> thank you so much. good morning everybody and we're incident-free this morning. volumes are light as i s
used on election day. we will tell you what they are as good morning maryland at 5 begins right now. >> we have fought our way back. and we know in our hearts that for the united states of america, the best is yet to come. >> a long and hotly contested campaign into the president being electioned for four more years and a pledge to get back -- pledge to get back to work. we will tell you more on this wednesday november 7th i am charley crowson. >> it's the day after election and we have you covered everything from the national scene to the local election. >> we have to start with the weather. what's going on outside. >> we have a winter weather advisory to talk about this morning. for all the areas here shaded in the blue color because we could be seeing some snow today. and maybe about 1 to 2 inches of accumulation but this is going to be a/y mess because we are going to start you out with rain and then add snow as we go into afternoon. as we look at maryland's most powerful radar the rain pushing in across the area and a wentry mix started to come across the eastern shore and that
. >> president obama defeat governor romney. >> maryland voters made a lot of important decisions as well. we will have the different ballot questions scrolling along the bottom of your screen. >> tracie potts begins our coverage. >> a burst of emotion at the obama victory party in chicago. celebrations around the country from new york to los angeles and the white house where president obama will spend four more years. >> whether i earned your vote or not, i have listened to you. i have learned from you. you have made me a better president. we're not as divided as our politics suggests. we're not as cynical as the pundits believe. we're greater and we remain more than a collection of red states and blue states. we will be the estimunited stats of america. >> mitt romney said he gave it his all and said that the nation must come together. >> the nation is at a critical point. our leaders have to reach across the aisle to do the people's work. >> the primate family chose to give back and that is the legacy that we honor and applaud tonight -- romney family. >> the president won with slim majori
approvall.... maryland also became the irst approve same-sex marriageeby a referendum of the peoplee voters also approved a ballot question to expand gamblinn in maryland and add a caaino at and finally a majority of poters said yee to providing &i immigrants... the so called maryland dream act. immigraaion addocates are cheering the ppssage off quession four..... four..... but opponents a big way. jeff abell is - here with the redictions, jeff.... 3 with one vvte, hundreds of un-documenteddstudents in maryland, will ooonbe awarded in-ssate tuition rates which marrlands documented students. last niggt, proponents cheered theepassage of strengthen both the studenns of maryland and the state of maryland.. already 13-other states offer tuition breaks for un-docuuented students. anddbased oo tteir experience, opponentt say the floodggtes will soonnbe open foo othee undocumenttd students to movv into maryland. 3p (19:25:02) ""y passing this marylanddinsures that there wiil e a ot more be a lot mooe poor eople in the state. there will be more workers coopeting for scarce
>>> it's legal to smoke marijuana in places like colorado and washington state. will maryland be the next to jump on the bandwagon? the high hopes. >>> a teenager is killed in a car crash, another one seriously hurt. now the community is coming together to honor the young man. >>> she's only 9 years old but this little girl already knows what it's like to lose everything. now she's turning her tragedy into hope for other victims just like herself. we'll tell you all about that on this thursday, november 15th. "good morning maryland," i'm charlie crowson. >> and i'm megan pringle, thank you for joining us. let's get to the weather because it's chilly out there. >> i have to admit lynette i left the coat am home today by -- at home today by accident but we need them. >> make sure you grab the coat as you head out the door. look at the temperatures this morning 37 degrees in jessup and 30 monrovia. 38 millersville and be careful as you go into the afternoon hours as well. because we're going to be dealing with chilly temperatures. yesterday up to about 48 degrees and going to do
result here. >> the other major story, historic ballot questions in maryland approved. we'll have much more on those results in just a few minutes. >> good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. a very busy night indeed. >> i hope everybody got a little bit of sleep. it is official. president barack obama wins another term as our nation's president. >> obama far exceeding the 270 electoral votes needed to win but the popular vote was a much closer race as we'll take a look at some of the numbers right now. melanie alnwick is live in the newsroom with the latest on this story. >> reporter: good morning. despite a still weak economy and one of the most expensive campaigned in history, president obama managed to prevail in the hard-fought spring states sending him back to the oval office for four more years. jubilant supporters of the white house rushed to the white house just as they did in 2008 to celebrate his re-election. they waved flags and honked horns and chanted, yes, we can. a few hours later, t
. >> as jeff hager reports, maryland state police discovered hundreds of downloaded movies and dvds at the home in forest hill. >> the suspect may have thought he was operating from the privacy of his own home here on isaac's way in forest hill. when a trooper with the maryland state police computer crimes unit spotted child pornography offered on the internet, the trap was set. >> made contact, downloaded the files that were ultimately viewed and demmed to be child pornography. >> police traced the computer to this home, where the investigation quickly focused upon 25 year old nicholas cuker, his parents claim he is autistic. he claimed a friend viewed the porn months ear490 separate files depicting under age boys and some downloaded a week before the raid on the house. there is no evidence that he videotaped any children, police say downloading the files and sharing them, fuels the perverted practice. >> this activity contributes to the exploitation of children. there are children, whether in a third world country or united states who are being exploited sexually in this way. >> jeff hager, a
weeks after super storm standee hit. the maryland state troopers are on their way to new jersey right now to help recovery efforts. we do have a crew in perryville. or if you on that at 11:00 the latest on the storm recovery. >> what do we want? we want power. when did you wanted? we want it now. >> after talking it out for sandy, and residents were in the dark about when their power will be restored. >> i cannot get power, heat, and garbage pickup, nothing? >> in new jersey saturday, more than 175,000 households were without power. the banking on a promise made by chris christie friday. >> it's will be back for most new jersey to normal come sunday. -- lights will be back for most new jersey to normal come sunday. these -- and talking to utility last night and this morning, my belief is we will have almost 100% restoration by saturday night. >> con ed is promising your personally all have electricity by sunday night but for many, that is only one of the problem -- new yorkers they will have electricity by sunday night but for many, that is only one of the problem. >> i cannot leave m
:00. >> for the past couple of years, megastore as in maryland have cost consumers more than -- storms in maryland have cost consumers more than $600 million. the panel came up with a number of recommendations designed to reduce the frequency of power outages. the report is now in the hands of the public utilities service commission. david has details. >> hot the report recommends tying approval of rate increases to a record of resiliency. maggeden cost consumers $300 million. hurricane irene cost consumers $312 million. horatio cost consumers $320 million. the impact includes replacing perishable food, restaurant hotels and restaurant meals and hotel stays made necessary because of the storm. report -- a great resiliency task force investigated what steps could be taken. look the staffing levels, emergency procedures, regulatory reforms and utilities to recover the cost of restoring power. bge as already embrace some of the recommendations. >> it is an opportunity for a wholesale look at how to make the grade stromberg. >> -- make the grid stronger. >> recommendations include holding power companies r
to northern virginia and suburban maryland is beginning to erode. >> greg is hopeful that congress and the white house will forge a budget deal. >> i think they will eventually prevail. they will be experiencing it along with their families, too. >> there are a economists to do say that it is like getting a set of six back absurd via a starvation diet. >> thank you, stephen. president obama's re-election brought celebrations around the globe. in kenya, they began dancing and singing when media outlets projected mr obama's win. and americans expatriates' in france tears at the news of the president's second term. -- cheered at the news of the president for a second term. many of these newspapers are on display of such a museum tonight. 60-some pages will be on display through tomorrow night. >> questions 6, a holding governor martin o'malley's law to allow same-sex couples to wed in the state question 7, to allow the expansion of gambling. officials say that will create thousands of new jobs and keep gaming revenue in the state of maryland. >> it will be a resort that can bring in a
in a moment. we look at the presidential race in maryland. with 61% of the resix reporting, no -- precinct reporting, no surprise with obama leading. also take a look at the presidential numbers from washington, d.c. 48% of the precincts reporting, look at this. overwhelming, 92% for barack obama to 7% for mitt romney. again, no surprise. 40 minutes ago, a winner was declared in the u.s. senate race in virginia. democrat tim kane, as we told you, state republican george allen. we heard some of george allen's concession speech. kane will replace democrat webb who is retiring. democrat john delaney beat out republican incumbent roscoe bartlett this evening. >> the polls closed hours ago. some folks, believe it or not, are still out there in the cold waiting to vote. ken molestina at potomac middle school in virginia. how long is the line now, kenny? >> reporter: well, i have to report, derek, it wrapped up just moments ago. the last vote was cast shortly after 10:50. what a long night it was tonight for everyone involved. this was an unprecedented turnout, and it was testament of americans
for continuung coverage of vote 2012.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. maryland voters are deciding peveral controversial ballot issues, including same sex marriige. and those questions are exxected to drive up turn out at the polls. polls. joel . smith is live at a polling location in cockeysville now, with more on expected turnout, and a closer look at question 6. 3 3 3 guys more than 430 thousand voters are excused today, because ttey already voted! in maryland this time... with alomst twice as many people choosing to castttheir ballots that way than in 2010. still, bout.... 55-percent of still, pegistered voters are expected you can see from all the ballot arr a big reasoo why.h why. question 6 is a historic referrendum item in maryland. never have voters in any a - legalize...same ex marriage. that's why suuporters...inclu dinn overnor o'malley ere seen making some final pitches yesterdayy thh law would prohibit any house of prooibit ny houss of worship...from peeforming... same sex marriage ceremoniis... institution. a new poll conduct
pulse 11. >> the polls will open in about two hours here in maryland. dacey whoet to kim is live and baltimore city with the information you need. good morning. >> election officials expect a big turnout wherever you are voting. preparin advance can help. keep those lines moving. you can bring any printed material to the voting booth. market before you get there will help you to vote more quickly. you are not allowed to use your cell phone or camera inside a polling place. you can bring up two two children. you can wear clothing or stickers with political messages. you have to leave the polling place after the voting. bring a valid form of identification with you. >> you have to verify their main address and date of birth. maryland does not have an identification law. >> the polls open at 7:00 a.m. this morning and will stay open 8:00 tonight.on kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> maryland voters will select a new senator. some major issues will also appear on your ballot. >> the qualifications -- question three involves the removal of officials. >> if you support the maryland dream a
maryland... where sandy dumped almoot 30 inches of snow in garrett county. urban search and rescue team pf 140 highly trained first responders.they'll be checking wwthout ower.. and helping witt cleaanup and tree removal. the team ii carrying almost 3 million dollars in equipment... and ii coopletely "we're set up to not inundate the locallcommunity with all tteir issues that they're having, so we have a bunch of tents on these vehicles, we may be staying out in the snow." snow."all of the state's resourcessare ow ocused on garrrtt coonty... and the 15- thousand residents still wwihout power. mema has temrrrily moveddits heedquarters there. phe susquehannaariver is still rising... with all the rrnnff from sandy's rain. are now opennat conowingo tess dam... juss before the river spills out into the chesapeake bay.local officials say tte susqueeanna brings pollutants downriver heee to maryland... especiaaly during major storrs. state senator e-j pipkin sayss keeping theebay clean.y... for - ej pipkin, state senator: baa, anybodyywho workk aaong the bay knoww thht when this dam is open an
trouble in maryland, we got troubles in virginia. >>reporter: we do. and i'm going to start with virginia. i was just on the phone literally a minute ago with prince william fire chief brody and he tells me that the investigation, the cleanup, all of that continues at an accident scene over in manassas right here, prince william parkway at balls ford road. it was a truck and a vehicle, a diesel fuel spill, entrapment, the works, so stay away from that. they should hopefully reopen it shortly. but in the meantime just go ahead and use sudly road as your alternate route. 66 is not affected coming in from manassas to centreville and fairfax, you should be okay. let's take a live look outside and show you what it looks like here on the northbound side of 395, looking good at duke street. 14th street bridge is now bunching up. let's go back over to our maps. this time we're going to head all the way to 270, coming southbound, that's what howard was referring to. it's very slow and heavy out of fredrick, past 109 to 121. on the beltway itself, it's still green, college park into silver spring,
the lowest gas prices in your neighborhood. >>> clouds continue to flow into maryland, but we have seen at least a few breaks of sunshine. you can see that flow from the north and west. temperatures have been struggling to get out of the 40s for much of the day. just a couple of isolated showers. i think we'll stay dry tonight. temperatures across the center part of the state now in the upper 40s. this evening through the 40s, eventually to the 30s tonight. will we warm up? we've got them coming up. >>> could use a little calm weather after sandy. while sandy wasn't a direct hit for maryland, all that preparation did not go to waste. >> abc2's brian kuebler is here to explain. >> reporter: maryland was quick to step up and provide help. while many were on standby, it never came. many local governments responded sending manpower and equipment to the western edge of our state and north to jercy. all in all maryland has provided 33 pieces of emergency -- 30 pieces of emergency pieces. >> we were prepared both internally and with external assets to be prepared for a direct hit. the blessing
the election, including important maryland ballot issues. but first, we have important whether news for today. and nor'easter is already -- importancet weather news for today. and nor'easter is already in motion. it has battered sections of new york and new jersey. they are preparing for the latest round of the weather to head their white. the question is whether the storm -- to head their way. the question is what this storm will bring to the northeast. >> doug, what is the latest tonight? >> snow in many areas. long island, parts of northern new jersey -- it is going to be snow. plus you have the winds and the gusty winds and some flooding. that colder air will be making most of this precipitations' no. in our area, we're getting a touch of light rain. as we go through the evening maybe a few flurries, may be a light rain, but again, just on the fringes. here is for the snow was falling across new jersey, parts of connecticut. it is cold in rehoboth beach. 44 in woodbridge. a chilly damp, breezy day. we will have a chance of a few flakes or showers. we will tell you what to expect. this sev
their ceremony here in maryland. they se r said they want those options and they're thinking about when they have children together, what's going to happen with their kids. will they have the same rights as other children in the state. once again, they are cautiously optimistic as the numbers have been close. we'll have more as it develops. >> thanks. the same sex marriage debate has been heated. it was controversial going through the o house of delegates. cheryl connor picks up the team coverage from annapolis with the maryland marriage alliance. >> kelly, we are in the office space of the maryland marriage alliance and we are watch withing these numbers come in. the gap continues to nar row. it's not a spries, the folks here thought it was going to be a close race and thought it was going to be determined. . >> absolutely we know it's going to be a one to two percent points, real close. >> we are watching the numbers. why don't you read them. >> right now it shows we're at 49.1 sxaers they're at 50.9%. that is a razor thin margin. >> i found it interesting with early voting you were down
maryland. >>> american family and we rise or fall together as one nation and as one people. >> early this morning, president obama addressed the country vowing to work hard for four more years. it's the day after election day and we are going to get you update and up to speed on everything that happened while you were sleeping. thanks for joining us i am preg megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. >> first we have to get to the weather because that's a developing story. >> charley, we are talking about a winter weather advisory because we could be seeing snow mixing with rain as we go throughout the day. so, the areas here shaded in the blue color that's what we are talking about by 10 into tomorrow and as we check out what's going on in terms of the wet weather it is here on maryland's most powerful radar and this is pushing off towards the north it will continue to do so also dealing with very cold temperatures this morning and also very windy conditions. megan and charley over to you. >>> president obama will spend four more years in the white house. >> he beat mitt rom
. just got off the phone with a friend of mine up in essex, maryland, areas northeast baltimore, where there's been a few drops of rain falling there. let's take me up to philadelphia, pennsylvania, where they've had flakes of snow. in fact, bigger flakes. you can see covering the camera lens. you can see the traffic down below. philadelphia, pennsylvania, from this coastal storm, one of the areas that's expecting some of the higherccumulating snowfalls. trenton, new jersey, and up around hartford, connecticut. back to what's going on here. you can see the trend, the moisture pushing throughout the morning hours. the afternoon hours from east to west, now leesburg, d.c., waldorf, leonardtown. very few reports of much of anything falling here. in new jersey, look at that white, different story here where they've had low visibility, down to a quarter mile. the bigger flakes here. that's closer to the center of the storm system. and even our wind gusts inland have been up around 20 miles per hour. i'm not expecting much at all from this storm system. maybe an inch of accumulating snowfall
drove him to victory. plus a big celebration in maryland. voters made history. voters doing something that's never been done before. and rolling the dice in maryland, a casino on the potomac is a go. we'll tell you what's next on the project. >>> from this morning on election day with all there is to talk about, by the end of the day, it could be the weather dominating the conversation. >> it seems to be the case here a lot lately. we're about to get our first taste of winter weather this season. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is tracking it. tom? >> right now we have the first winter weather advisory of the season issued for our region. all the areas in light blue, carrollton, baltimore, northeastern maryland and parts of eastern pennsylvania could get up to four inches of snow later today. closer to washington, we're not going to have that much. right now all this coming from a coastal area of low pressure way off the atlantic seaboard. it is pushing rain inland, and we are getting a few sprinkles of rain in the eastern and southern suburbs. prince george's county, anne arun
of representatives. 233 to 193. democrats maintain control of the senate, 53-45. maryland democrats picked up a seat in the house. in the sixth district. john delaney beat incumbent roscoe bartlett. the lines in that district were recently redrawn to include a large part of montgomery county. democrats also celebrating a big win up in massachusetts. elizabeth warren beat scott brown for the u.s. senate seat there. the democrats regained the seat that was held by the late ted kennedy for 47 years. warren will be the first woman to represent massachusetts in the senate. >>> democrats are holding on to a u.s. senate seat in missouri, thanks to controversy created by a republican challenger. todd akin lost to incumbent mccaskill. akin came under fire for comments he made he called legitimate rape. he said abortion should not be allowed in conception by rape. republicans called for him to drop out of that race. >>> tim kaine said he's determined to work with people on both sides of the aisle when he takes his seat in the u.s. senate. as julie carey reports now, his victory was likely changed by the demog
romney. >> and closer to home, maryland voters started heading to the polls two hours ago. there are several questions that are expected to bring out a record number of voters. holly morris is live in largo with more on that. >> reporter: good morning to you, tony. we are seeing those record numbers here this morning. a steady stream at this church since about 5:30 this morning. and a lot of people that are coming out to work the crowd. governor martin omally is joining me. i know you guys were talking to voters. what was your last minute push and what kind of feedback were you get sng. >> thanking people for coming out today and so excited to be able to vote. this election is long time and coming. so to finally have it here and such a beautiful dashgs you are going to see a record turn out today. >> it's very issue oriented here. electing 9 congressman including a center but a lot of people say it's the ballot questions that's driving this turn out here. question 6 and 7 are big. >> yes, they are. ballot questions 6 and 7 and also the presidential election. that's why you
't get a deal done before january and we go off the proverbial cliff, experts say marylanders would be hit harder than many other states. >> as politician stake positions on how to avoid a fiscal cliff. >> i'm not going to ask students and seniors and middle class families to pay down the deficit. >> the problem with raising taxes on the wealthiest americans is more than half of them are business owners. >> if washington must slash spending, government jobs could go down with it. nearly 6% of the state's work force are federal employees, well above the national average of 2%. maryland houses major government institutions like aberdeen proving ground, fort meade, n.i.h. and n.h.a. half of the cuts slated to begin in january hit the department of defense. maryland is very much in the crosshairs of the fiscal cliff. economist inner bun about basues to john's hopkins university. it's the leading recipient of n.i.h. research grants. the fiscal cliff isn't just about spending cuts. tax increases would have to happen, too. since someday considered a higher income state, more money would co
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